Electronic systems design

Digiconcept specializes in research and development of electronic systems.


Depending on the problem and the needs of the user, engineers of Digiconcept developing solutions, incorporating the most appropriate components, after study of price / quality ratio.

The study team Digiconcept also has the technical capacity and adequate equipment to carry out electronic systems developed. It is equipped to produce small and medium series.

An overview of our expertise in electronic engineering :

  • Hardware, software
  • Design of electronic schematic
  • Applications software Development
  • Embedded systems
  • Making circuits or sub-assemblies (automatic placement of components, wave soldering, vapor phase, …)

Digiconcept therefore develops hardware, software and hardware interfaces, control systems and associated software. For example, has developed for the European Parliament, a set of interfaces that extend the functionality of existing systems management conference and include the ability to link multiple rooms.

Some references in electronic engineering

One example of custom software…
Application software developped for the European Parliament
… another example of electronic application
Electronic application for the Brussels Subway